About event


Kantipur Media Group is Nepal’s largest media conglomerate, operating print media, a national television station, national radio and the first of its kind digital media company, and reaching millions of people with its contents.

In 2019, KMG successfully recalibrated the public discourse space by presenting engaging dialogues and critical reflections on contemporary global and local issues with its flagship event, Kantipur Conclave. The two-day conclave hosted eminent speakers from across the globe, and facilitated meaningful interactions and forging of professional and personal relationships.

With an aim to uphold this interdisciplinary platform and continue insightful discourses, KMG is organizing the second edition of Kantipur Conclave under the theme ‘Reimagining Connectivity’.

The word ‘connectivity’ may hold multiple perspectives, understandings, interpretations and ideals. However, the core of it all boils down to corralling forces and coming together with a shared vision. This very connectivity is what highlights our times today. We have a world that is more digitally connected than ever and where exchange of trade, capital, information and people have escaped the constraints of geography.

However, there is also the danger of this binding thread to wear out with preoccupation on trivial matters and issues relating to ethnicity, religion, and extreme nationalism. At this year’s conclave, we want to reimagine connectivity from a multifaceted lens and leverage on constructive debates to identify opportunities on cultivating synergy, convergence, partnerships, collaborations and relationships amid the changing global dynamics.

KMG will broadcast the conclave’s proceedings through its various media platforms to millions across the globe.

The Kantipur Conclave is a two-day event aimed at engaging the participants through constructive discourses as well as interaction with experts at an individual level. Along with a dynamic and informative content from the speakers, the conclave will also reveal valuable insights from the stimulating dialogues between the speakers and participants.