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Kantipur Conclave 2020

Session - प्रचण्डसँग परिसंवाद
Session- हात्ती, ड्रयागन र तरुलः बद्लिदो भू–राजनीतिमा नेपालको प्राथमिकता
Session- नेपाल अगाडि कि पछाडि ?
Session- नेपालको 'मी टू' किन अगाडि बढ्न सकेन?
Session - Connecting Global Nepalis
Session - Bridging through Literature and Arts
Session - Mitigating Climate Change- The Big Connector
Session - The Future of Digital World
Keynote Speech by Mr. Hussain M Elius
Key Session: Lessons from The East
Keynote Speech by Mr. Andy Mok
Keynote Speech by Mr. Bruno Macaes
Keynote Speech by Mr. C. Raja Mohan
Keynote Speech by Rt. Hon. Prime Minister K. P. Sharma Oli
Keynote Speeches
A brief look at the first edition of Kantipur Conclave last year.
Kantipur Conclave 2020 Promo